You Rocked the School House, Brad Paisley!

Dear Brad,

Thanks for the happy ending.

A lot of enthusiasm and good will went into a video of our kids appealing to you to visit Field Club Elementary. We were delighted with your courteous response, inviting everyone to your free college show.

But as you said, bedtime isn’t taken into consideration when you plan concerts. A late-night field trip to another city with over six hundred kids was a security nightmare and a logistic impossibility. Instead, a group of staff members planned to attend the show and express their appreciation.

When a news outlet reported that students had been “denied” non-existent “tickets” to the show, reaction from the community was harsh. Needless to say, it stung. How could our good intentions have been so badly misinterpreted? We felt like someone had shot our dog, Brad.

But the principal and staff at Field Club believe in positivity. They think in terms of challenges rather than adversities, and they carried on–like they do every day–with their mission of preparing kids for college. They planned an end-of-the-week pep rally to highlight school spirit and college pride.

As we led kids in to the assembly, we saw security posted around the building. Exciting rhythms emanated from the gym, and the air suddenly felt electric.  As realization replaced disbelief, I saw tears well up in the eyes of your biggest fan. “Is Mrs. D. crying?” one of our third graders asked. “She’s crying because she’s so happy,” I told him.

You rocked the school house, Brad.

Your “country nation grade school gig” ensured you a new generation of fans, but it did a lot more than that. At Field Club, kids learn that with heart and hard work, big dreams are possible. Thanks for driving home that message. Thanks for taking the time to show our kids that they matter. You also boosted the spirits of a lot of caring adults who live every day going that extra mile for kids, so thanks for that, too. Brad Paisley, You’re the best!


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2 Responses to You Rocked the School House, Brad Paisley!

  1. Dianna Chaloupka says:

    Excellent recap of the past few weeks Eve, excellent job!!!

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